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Indeed, the arrival of my To Kill A King poster did brighten up my day

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To Kill A King and Bastille // Garrick Centre // 3rd April
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To Kill A King // On Tour
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Come & see us on tour in the USA this March/ April 2014
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Orange Amps with Ralph Pelleymounter and Alice
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Fact File About To Kill A King

This was requested and I thought why not, so here it is.


Above is a picture of To Kill A King - From left to right - Ralph Pelleymounter, Josh Taffel, Grant McNeill, Josh Platman, Ben Jackson

Let’s start of with the newest members of TKAK:


This is Josh Taffel. He’s the new drummer, who replaced Jon Willoughby (previous drummer). He has cool hair, as shown in the picture above, and does dabble in the musical arts, (of course), as he can play piano and guitar too. (I have a crush on him). Born: November 9th, 1990


This is Grant McNeill, or as I call him, Granty-boo. He’s the guitarist, who replaced Ian Dudfield (previous guitarist). Grant is an awesome singer too. He’s such a cutie, I swear. Born: April 26th, 1991

Ok, so now let’s move onto the current members.


This is Josh Platman. Cellist, bassist and part time post-man, Josh has many jobs…but mainly those 3. He writes EVERYTHING, from their tour diaries, to their e-mails and the blog - Josh is the writing man. Enjoy the picture of Josh with a chair, partly stuck to him. Born: October 1st, 1985


Next up is Benny-boo. This is Ben Jackson, he’s the synths/keyboard guy, if you know what I’m saying. He also likes to clap. Ok moving on. Also, according to the rest of the band, Ben is the best looking, and it’s pretty obvious he is. (<3) Born: January 28th, 1985


Ok so this is Ralph Pelleymounter, aka master of facial expressions as you can see from the picture above. He’s the lead singer, and he plays acoustic guitar or electric guitar. He’s also got a sweet tattoo on his arm of the bands logo. Born: October 31st, 1984

Ok, now let’s move onto the pervious members of To Kill A King:


This is Ian Dudfield. He was previous guitarist, and occasional trombone player and funny man of To Kill A King. He seemed to like walking around bare-foot, and appeared on the T.V. show, Take Me Out. He calls himself ‘Ed Cares’ now. He also promised ‘he’d be back’, but not in To Kill A King. We miss you Ian!


This is Jon Willoughby, previous drummer of To Kill A King. I’m pretty sure he’s the most awesome drummer ever and is soo cute! We miss you loads Jon!

Also, Paul Cooper, or sound coop is their mechanic and Alice is their tour manager!

Ok so that’s it :) x

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Euro Tour blog over on Nothing but Hope and Passion


Hello everyone.

The dust has settled and I’ve written the traditional post-tour memoir, except this time a German blog called Nothing but Hope and Passion have hosted it, which seems fitting for a European tour.

This picture contains the link to it and just about sums up how triumphant the…

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This is not how I expected to see Ian again
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Save the date - TKAK with Neil Young & the National


As we’ve been dashing around Europe on our tour we’ve been offered the chance to support the legend Neil Young in London’s Hyde Park this summer, alongside some other heroes of ours in the shape of the National. We’re thrilled about this and would love to see you there, so click the picture to…

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To Kill A King Rays vinyl
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So yeah my To Kill A King Rays and Chris-T vinyl came on Thursday and *whispers* IT’S TRANSPARENT WOOOO soz
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To Kill A King, New Slang
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tokillaking: Josh hurt his paw :(
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